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Tuesday 24 March 2015

Tie The Knot - Urban Wedding Show

As previously mentioned in an earlier blog post on what vinyl decals we've been cutting lately, sparklingexpressions was on hand for this years edition of the Tie the Knot - Urban Wedding Show held at the Museum of Nature in the Nations Capital. We cut in a premium grade vinyl their logo and applied it to the floor under an extravagantly decorated archway for everyone to see and admire as they made the rounds from wedding vendor to wedding vendor.

Ottawa has a lot of amazing wedding companies and this show showcased a great many of them. Well over 600 hundred people made their way through a snow blizzard to take in the show. Here are a few pictures of the logo and vinyl decal that was placed on their floor.

Tie The Knot Vinyl Floor Decal
Tie the Knot Floor Decal
Dance Floor Decals
Dance Floor Decals

Tie The Knot
Tie The Knot

Urban Wedding Show Floor Decal
Urban Wedding Show Floor Decal

Tie The Knot Wedding Decal
Tie the Knot Wedding Decal

sparklingexpressions at Tie The Knot Wedding Show
sparklingexpressions at Tie The Knot
For an even better picture of the logo please follow this facebook link to the Tie The Knot fanpage. (I am definitely not a photographer)

To learn more about all the other great wedding vendors that were on hand, a quick visit over to Facebook using the above link will give you even more information as well as photographs.

Thank you for dropping by and taking the time to look about our blog. We can also be found on facebook at, sparklingexpressions
~Nicky and Mark


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