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Monday 30 May 2016

Glow Parties Not Just For Kids

This spring has proven to be a fun start to the busy summer season. We were thrilled to have had the opportunity to take part in some rather fun glow parties. Three of them to be exact.

We kicked off with Live Paint Glow on April 14th, at what was a fun filled night of art, painting and all things glowy. This fundraising event was hosted at The Bourbon Room and saw many great sponsors step forward to help raise money and have fun.

Live Paint Glow Logo
Live Paint Glow

The following were a few pictures we managed to snap during this event.

The Bourbon
Before The Event
The Bourbon
The Bourbon Room

sparklingexpressions logo as a wall decal
sparklingexpressions wall decal

Glow Face Painting
Face Painting

Glow Paint
Glow Paint
Glow Paint Butterfly Design
Butterfly Glow Paint Design
Nicky with Eye Candy Glow Paint
Eye Candy Glow Paint 
Fireworks Glow Paint Design
Fireworks Glow Paint Design
Donation Jar with decorative glow paints
Glow Donation Jar

The next event that we worked on, was the annual German Sparkle Party held at the Mercury Lounge in Ottawa. This was another amazing and fun night involving all things glowing and some of Ottawa's best DJ's. The following photographs were from this amazingly fun event, one that everyone should keep an eye out for next year.
German Sparkle Party Sign
German Sparkle Party

Diamond Glow Glitter Tattoo
Diamond Glow Glitter Tattoo

Custom Glitter Tattoo Glowing Mercury Lounge
Custom Mercury Lounge Glow Glitter Tattoo

Tribal Wolf Glow Glitter Tattoo
Tribal Wolf Glow Glitter Tattoo
The Mercury Lounge
Mercury Lounge 

German Sparkle Party at Mercury Lounge
German Sparkle Party at Mercury Lounge

Face Painting Booth setup
Face painting Booth

Face Painting and Glitter Tattoos
Face Painting and Glitter Tattoos

German Sparkle Party Attire
German Sparkle Party  Attire

Having Fun at The German Sparkle Party
Having Fun at the German Sparkle Party

And right after The fun at The German Sparkle Party, we had the pleasure of attending the annual electronica music event known as NEON II put on by the awesome folks over at Eephoria, which was held at Ottawa's nightclub known as The Babylon. They truly know how to have fun as well and this one was another packed full house.
Eephoria Logo
Eephoria presents NEON 2

Neon II ad
Neon II
Eephoria's custom glow glitter tattoo
custom glow glitter tattoos

Facebook has a great selection of photos from the NEON 2 event that you can see on the following Neon II link. We also managed to snap a couple pictures ourselves when we were not busy.

Glow Paint Design
Glow Paint Design

Glow Paint Fireworks Design
Glowing Fireworks Design

Neon 2
Neon 2 starting to get busy

Neon 2 Start
Neon 2 Start
Face Paint at Neon 2
Eephoria owned facebook picture showing face painting at Neon 2

Neon 2 face Paint
Eephoria owned facebook picture from Neon 2

Ottawa has come a long way in the electronica music scene and these are all events that everyone should keep an eye out for next year if you are looking to have a lot of fun. We know we had an amazing time at all 3 of these events sharing our black light glow tattoos and face painting.

Thank you for dropping by and taking the time to look about our blog. We can also be found on facebook at, sparklingexpressions
~Nicky and Mark


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