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Saturday 27 September 2014

Fundraiser for Lauren King

Many of our readers, fans, friends and customers are in the local Ottawa area, and some have been following the fundraiser event for Lauren King to help renovate her bathroom to meet her needs in a safe environment. It is with great pleasure to share the announcement on their Facebook page, announcing that their goal of raising $30,000 has been accomplished!

Over 200 likes have been made to the Fundraiser for Lauren King Facebook page since it was started in May of this year. And a great deal of local vendors, businesses and local media and personalities have taken part in the many events that took place throughout the spring and summer months. 

sparklingexpressions had the honor of attending the Fire Fighters Car Wash during July with our glitter tattoos, which was a great success, as were all the other events and raffles that have taken place. The previous link has a great many pictures of that days event which raised a total of $5324.07 towards her goal of $30,000.

Congratulations to everyone who helped make these fundraiser events a great success!

Dylan Black's Monsters Glitter Tattoo
Dylan Black's Glitter Tattoo
Dylan Black of Boom 99.7
Dylan Black of boom 99.7
Lauren King Cooling Off
Cooling Off 

Lauren King Trying out the firehose
Lauren King Trying Out The Firehose

Cooling Off with a FiretruckFire Truck Cooling Off

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