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Sunday 9 June 2013

Faerie Magic and Enchanted Forests Come To Brockville

Faeries, glitter, wands and magic found a home in Brockville this weekend at the St. Lawrence Park and what an enchanted event it was. sparklingexpressions was thrilled to have had the opportunity to take part in the second annual Faeries in the park event and we can not wait to take part in next years event. A big thank you goes out to New Leaf Wellness and Stephanie Forgues for putting on such an amazing and fun day for all. The Faeries smiles, joy, dancing, wands and magic kept the rain clouds away once again this year.

Tinkerbell and Stephanie at Fairies in the park
Picture Owned by Maryse Jobin Ferguson (Goodies by Maryse)
Tinkerbell and Stephanie

Little Hoola Hooping Faeries
Picture Owned by Maryse Jobin Ferguson (Goodies by Maryse)
Little Hoola Hooping Faeries and Mark of sparklingexpressions applying glitter

sparklingexpressions would like to thank all the little faeries who made it out today and to all the moms and dads who stopped by to see what we have to offer, it was great to meet you all. The glitter was in full force and we had an absolute blast decorating and adding even more glitter to all the faeries big and small, young and old. With the rain clouds hovering about all day and the sun playing hide and seek with the faeries we were glad to have been sharing our tent with TEAroma, who was offering  both hot and iced teas for a delicious and healthy refreshment.

Here are a few more photographs that were snapped of this magical and enchanting event. (more can be found on the official facebook page as well as other stories to come in the days ahead. Credit given to the picture owners underneath the photographs, as well as a link to their page if possible) As well head on over to Knowbrockville for a few more pictures.

sparklingexpressions and TEAroma ~ THÉaroma at fairies in the park
Picture Owned by Maryse Jobin Ferguson (Goodies by Maryse)
sparklingexpressions and TEAroma ~THÉaroma Booth

TEAroma and sparklingexpressions
TEAroma and sparklingexpressions 
Need Free Tea? TEAroma ~ THÉaroma
Need Free Tea? TEAroma ~ THÉaroma

sparklingexpressions adding some glitter at fairies in the park
sparklingexpressions adding some glitter
Faeries in the park
Faeries in The Park
Enchanted St Lawrence park (Fairies in the park)
Enchanted Park

St Lawrence park
St Lawrence Park
Hoola Hooping  at fairies in the park
Hoola Hooping

children hoola hooping at fairies in the park
children hoola hooping at fairies in the park

Once again if you happened to miss this event, then please head on over to facebook and make sure you add a like to The Faeries in the Park page so you do not miss out on next years fun. sparklingexpressions had an amazing time and we look forward to meeting all the faeries again next year. have a safe and fun summer everyone.

Thank you for dropping by and taking the time to look about our blog. We can also be found on facebook at, sparklingexpressions. As well some of our designs can be found online at our vinyl lettering and decor gallery. 
~Nicky and Mark


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