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Friday 2 November 2012

sparklingexpressions Offers Chalkboard Film

We are pleased to announce that we now offer the ability to not only decorate and express yourself with vibrant colours of vinyl, but now, you have the added option of custom designing in specialty chalkboard film for your decorating needs. sparklingexpressions has added this new medium to our vinyl decals lineup to give you a greater selection of options when choosing that right look for your decorating or crafting needs.

Chalkboard Film designs by sparklingexpressions
Chalkboard Film

What is Chalkboard film? 
It is a fantastic way to decorate any children's environment, any restaurant, or home kitchen, including the many possibilities and applications that commercial businesses may desire to design with. sparklingexpressions chalkboard film is a non PVC film, coated with a repositionable, removable adhesive. Our chalkboard film is very much like our regular wall vinyl, in that it is designed with your walls in mind, using a "friendly adhesive" for easy clean removal. Just like any traditional chalkboard, our chalkboard film allows you to write and draw with chalk, then erase, and reuse. 

How does your chalkboard vinyl or film differ from other chalk products and films being sold that are similar?
A few differences come to mind, and regardless of where you buy your vinyl decor or chalkboard like vinyl, please keep these differences and question in mind. Make sure you are purchasing the right material for your needs or children's needs.  Many other chalk films on the market  have a permanent adhesive that makes their product not so "painted wall friendly". In short their adhesives may be too strong and will damage your paint, or will leave residue behind when you decide to remove it. 

Other chalk films or chalkboard vinyl's on the market may have wall friendly adhesives but the vinyl or film itself may not be environmentally friendly or health friendly in the hands of precious little ones. At sparklingexpressions we have gone to great lengths to find a film that is both wall safe friendly as well as health and environmentally friendly. Unlike other plasticized vinyl products, we chose to use a chalkboard film that is environmentally friendly. The film we use at sparklingexpressions is safe for use in food service environments or in a home, it has also been tested by a certified independent lab for CPSIA compliance and is lead-free and phthalate free.

Our chalkboard film applies easily to any flat, smooth, clean surface or directly to painted drywall, kitchen cabinets or refrigerators, making this product a great medium for memo or chores board use along with all your crafting needs. Our chalkboard film comes in a sharp looking slate grey, making your chalk colours stand out vividly. So when you next design or think about having a custom design made, why not add sparklingexpressions  and chalkboard film to your list of potential options? The options and potential for this product is endless!

Chalkboard Film Chores Board by sparklingexpressions
Chores Board

Chalkboard Film Memo Board by sparklingexpressions
Memo Board

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~Nicky and Mark


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