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Sunday 5 August 2012

Bridge Street Bazaar Was A HOT One

To say the Carleton Place, Bridge Street Bazaar was a hot one is a vast understatement. Mother nature blessed the Bazaar once again with a nice sunny day, but a hot scorcher at that! By mid day the temperatures were rising above the 40 mark but that did not stop all those who participated and who came out. In fact, this years Bazaar was the HOT event of the weekend to come on out to see. The sparklingexpressions family is happy to have had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people at the 7th annual Bridge Street Bazaar. We had the opportunity to share what we are about with so many fine people, companies and other great vendors, not to mention see what everyone else has to offer as well. We believe we handed out a good majority of the mini bookmarks that we had created into the early hours of each morning, the week prior. (1000+)  Many more smiles were handed out on this wonderful day. In case you missed it here are some photographs of early morning action on Bridge Street.

Bridge Street Bazar Street View
View Down Bridge Street Early Morning
Early Morning View at Bridge Street Bazar
Early morning view into our parking lot

sparklingexpressions tent at Bridge Street Bazar
sparklingexpressions display at Bridge Street bazar
Display at Carleton Place Bridge Street Bazar
By late morning and into the early hours of the afternoon, it is safe to say that Bridge Street was jammed pack and full of people. The extreme heat did not keep people away and the 7th Annual, Carleton Place, Bridge Street Bazaar was a huge success.  The following pictures are from later on in the day.

Late Morning at Bridge Street Bazar
Late Morning
Early Afternoon at Bridge Street Bazar
Early Afternoon

Afternoon at Bridge Street Bazar
Early Afternoon
 The above pictures were taken somewhere near the middle so quite a few vendor tents and activities were to my back and behind me.

sparklingexpressions would like to thank everyone who is visiting our blog via our mini bookmarks, and we welcome you to join us on facebook at  sparklingexpressions. We also welcome your comments here and we can be reached by email. Thank you for dropping by.

Nicky and Mark~


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