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Sunday 29 July 2012

What a difference a week makes!

What a difference a new week can bring. After a couple successful weeks at the Carleton Place Flea Market, we decided it was time to shake things up and improve on our presentation. sparklingexpressions had a new look this week at the Carleton Place Flea Market. A new display that showcased our designs and allowed visitors to visualize our product on their own walls. From the positive response that was received, this was a step in the right direction. The following pictures are from one week ago. The before :

Vinyl Decal on a tileCustom Wall Decals DisplayWall Decals DisplayVinyl Wall Decals Display

 The wind was rather bad last week, often there were decisions to be made. Grab the canopy and stop it from blowing across the parking lot and then chase the vinyl, or grab the vinyl and pray the canopy would remain. So, with that in mind we decided a new look was in order. One that would benefit our customers and visitors while also making it easier to display our vinyl expressions. Fast forward to July 29th for this week's Flea Market.

Vinyl Wall Decals on Display

Wash Your Hands Mom Said SoVinyl Decals on crafts
Craft Display Table with Wall DecalsVinyl Decal on a  Tile

 The display wall, to showcase some of our designs and show what a difference a small inspiring quote, or some favored words can make to enhance a wall.

Wall Decals Displayed on a Banner

For those that missed the Carleton Place Flea Market today, there is always next Sunday. The Flea Market had its most successful vendor turnout to date. Close to doubling in size in just one week.


Anonymous said...

Your display caught my eye! Is there a place on line where we can see the different samples and prices? Will you be out for the bridge street bazzaar?

sparklingexpressions said...

Yes we will be at the bazaar and will be bringing our catalog to share with everyone. We also do custom designs as well.
sparklingexpressions to be at the annual Carleton Place Bridge Street Bazaar

We can also be found on Facebook at sparklingexpressions

sparklingexpressions said...

Let me try that link again.
facebook page for sparklingexpressions is sparklingexpressions

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I will make sure i stop and look at catalogue. I waisn't sure if you had it online :)

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