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Tuesday 17 April 2012

Spring Update

I just want to add a quick post and update everyone on what we have been up too. It has been quite some time since our last posting here and no we didnt give up or disappear. Many changes have occurred this past winter which have slowed our progress, but we are still striving to be open for business in the near future.

That said we wanted to share with everyone that a new professional cutter has been added to the lineup along with the original one we purchased last year. We have been busy designing and have been creating Documents and Manuals for our first batch of Demonstrators.

Nicky has been starting the networking and slowly starting to spread the word about our new business venture including setting up a facebook group that is for friends and family to help polish the idea's and to share some of our products and designs with, to get that much needed feedback. Our "beta" testing stage so to say.

We are also hoping to attend some craft shows and other events in the coming months before rolling out the grand opening carpet. We are excited and happy to be one step closer to opening day.

Thank you for stopping by,
Mark and Nicky


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