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Friday 4 March 2011

The Start To Something Big

The blog has arrived and thus the documented adventures of Nicky and Mark at sparklingexpressions will now be available for friends, family and those interested in knowing how we are coming along. A website will be coming, and our domain's are setup. We also have email addresses that we can be reached at.

A twitter account has also been set up to coincide with this blog. Keep an eye out for more details on these additions as they are further developed , enhanced and made ready for general viewer ship.

We are now hard at work, working on designs for our new business venture and will try to load up pictures now and then as well as any other new information as it develops.
On behalf of Nicky and myself, thank you for dropping by, taking some time to read and follow about our new adventure. Feel free to subscribe to our blog or Twitter account for all the latest developments.



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